Call for Participants
Bringing Stories to Light

When and where?

5 – 10 October in Mollina, Spain. 

The nearest airport is Malaga Airport (AGP). The venue is a youth centre CEULAJ and the provided accommodation will be in double, triple and quadruple rooms. Further logistical details will be shared with selected participants.

What are the aims and objectives of “Bringing Stories to Light” training?

The main aim of “Bringing Stories to Light” training course is to boost and diversify participants’ competences to use innovative and engaging methods in intercultural education, such as Digital Storytelling.

Specific objectives

  • Increase and build participants’ competencies to comfortably work with digital storytelling methodology 
  • Promote diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, common values of freedom, tolerance and respect of human rights through applying creative methods to share personal stories of intercultural encounters 
  • Increase the competences of participants in Human Rights Education 
  • Promote a more peaceful society by showcasing the stories to break the stereotypes and prejudices people have about each other

"Bringing Stories to Light" will last 4 full days and combine training on Digital Storytelling with Human Rights Education sessions, so that the participants enhance their competencies in those areas and are better prepared to promote diversity, intercultural dialogue and common values of freedom tolerance and respect. 

Follow-up actions and multiplication events will be planned as well, so that participants can train others in using the tools they have just learned.

Outcomes and Outputs

The project foresees the following outputs:

Increased competencies of 25 volunteers and staff in the areas of Human Rights Education 
Practical knowledge of using Digital Storytelling to be able to share intercultural stories in a compelling way 
At least 10 Digital Stories, related to intercultural experiences

What is the target group?

Volunteers and staff interested in learning about Digital Storytelling Methodology and Human Rights Education. Prior exchange or intercultural experience is a necessary requirement.

How will it be implemented?

The Trainers’ Team will include trainers knowledgeable about Human Rights Education and invited specialists in Digital Storytelling methodology. 

This training course will use non-formal education methodology, which enables the learner to co-shape their learning experience through feedback and active engagement and focuses on competencies development.

What about the financial side and other technicalities?

This training course is open for a maximum of 30 participants (one per member organization, unless there are vacant slots): 23 places for European participants and 7 places for International participants. 

The conditions of participation are:

European participants: 

· Training fee: 280 EUR 

· reimbursement of 60% of travel costs, with a maximum of 180 EUR per person  

International participants:

· Training Fee: 400 EUR 

·reimbursement of 30% of travel costs in the amount, with a maximum of 300 EUR per person

Travels should only be booked after the 1st of August, not earlier, as this would make them non-eligible for eventual reimbursement. 

Only participants who attend more than 80% of each training course will be reimbursed for travel, as a requirement. If a participant falls sick and cannot participate in the training course, a medical proof is needed in order to reimburse incurred costs. 

Participants are obliged to hand in reimbursement forms, tickets, receipts and boarding passes to Global Office by post or email latest one month after the training course. After one month the budget for the activity is closed, which means no reimbursement is possible anymore. Participants are responsible to organise their own health insurance for the activity.

What is the application procedure?

Should you wish to apply to be a participant, please complete as fully as possible the application form by 30 June 2019. The selection of participants will be done by the Global Office within one week after the application deadline, based on the criteria specified in this call and in consultation with member organizations. 

Your organisation will receive a copy of your application and will choose a representative to attend the training course, should there be more than 1 application per country. In case there are vacant spots, more than 1 person per country will be able to attend.