European Trainer Network


In 2010 EEE-YFU launched the European Trainer Network (ETN). Following the development of the Gothenburg Educational Strategy, EEE-YFU's renewed and revamped policy on bringing its educational activities closer to the needs of its member organisations and enhancing the quality of its educational activities, it became apparent that there is a great need for an increase in quality trainers within the YFU community.
In order to address this need, EEE-YFU established the European Trainer Network (ETN), composed of trainers who are available to their member organisations (European national YFU organisations) to organise educational activities for staff and volunteers, as so-called Flying Trainers.


Members of the European Trainer Network have the opportunity to be involved as members of Trainer Teams in the educational activities that EEE-YFU is organising. They also have the chance to work alongside EEE-YFU's member organisations by being involved in organising and leading their events. This is particularly useful for national YFU bodies if they do not currently have people with the required expertise and knowledge within their own national structure.
The European Trainer Network also makes it possible for its trainers to become more competent and to learn new skills, by attending further training themselves so that they can organise and facilitate high quality events for others.
The ETN increases the capacity for multiplication of competences and knowledge within the international YFU network. It is hoped that this opportunity will be increasingly used in the future to foster a stronger relationship and closer co-operation between EEE-YFU, trainers and the European YFU network, and will continue to provide an easily accessible pool of human resources for trainings and seminars for national members.


Andrea Buser (YFU Switzerland)

Florian Funk (YFU Germany)

Mareike Schwartz (YFU Germany)

Marta Bednarczyk (YFU Poland)

Petra Pajala (YFU Finland)

Sara Klingebiel (YFU Germany)

Sina Riz à Porta (YFU Switzerland)

Trine Tamm (YFU Estonia)

Vilma Seikkula (YFU Finland/Norway)

Riikka Pasanen (YFU Finland)

Mark Basalõga (YFU Switzerland/ YFU Estonia)

Caroline Seifert (YFU Germany)

Lorenzo Lodigiani (EEE-YFU)

Atakan Aydogdu (YFU Turkey)

Erik Furberg (YFU Sweden)

Zeynep Çakaloz (YFU Turkey)

Jeanette Antal (YFU Norway)

Soner Uzanır (YFU Turkey)

Krista Kallavus (YFU Norway)

Yavuz Ülker (YFU Turkey)

Anne Beaumont (YFU France)

Tilda Lidman (YFU Sweden)

Mark Weiss (YFU Switzerland)

Airika Torn (YFU Estonia)

Bianca Vasile (YFU Romania)

Laura Kohl (YFU Denmark)

Steffi Geilhof (EEE-YFU)

Evelina Vilčinskaitė (YFU Lithuania)

Gabriella Lajtos (YFU Hungary)

Oscar Mälsjö (YFU Sweden)

Erik Sundberg (YFU Sweden