Call for Participants
Open Doors to Education Training Course

When and where?

17 – 24 November in Oslo, Norway.

The nearest airport is Oslo Airport (OSL). The venue is a youth hostel & centre Heraldsheim.

What are the aims and objectives of the project?

“Open Doors to Education” training course aims to provide participants with necessary tools to successfully run and prepare non-formal intercultural events for any age group.

Specific objectives

  • increase participants’ competencies to design, implement and evaluate educational activities 
  • improve participants’ skills in group dynamics management, presentation, communication and facilitation skills
  • increase participants’ knowledge of the latest concepts of culture and innovative learning tools
  • provide a possibility for practical application of newly gained competencies and receive feedback through preparation and delivery of a local orientation for Host Siblings and Host Parents
  • strengthen the collaboration on training between YFU organisations

The training course will last 6,5 days and will be a mix of a regular training for trainers with intercultural competence training, coupled with the practical element of delivering orientations for Host Families. Thus, the curriculum of this training course allows also to experience the actual preparation of need-based workshops for Host Parents and Host Siblings and includes receiving detailed feedback on the content and delivery.

Outcomes and Outputs

The following outputs are planned to be developed throughout the project:

New Session Outlines for Host Family Orientations, with specific focus on Host Siblings, which will be used by YFU organisations worldwide to provide lifelong learning opportunities to any Host Family  

Improved training competences of 25 YFU facilitators and trainers 

Intercultural Orientation provided by participants to local host siblings and host parents

What is the target group?

Volunteers and staff interested in developing training and facilitation skills. This is
 an intense training for starting trainers. Prior experience in facilitation and training is not required. Orientation leaders are most welcome to apply if they haven’t attended a training for trainers before.

How will it be implemented?

The Trainers’ Team will be composed of internal YFU trainers, European and International. 

This training course will use non-formal education methodology, which enables the learner to co-shape their learning experience through feedback and active engagement and focuses on competencies development.

What about the financial side and other technicalities?

This training course is open for a maximum of 35 participants (one per member organization, unless there are vacant slots): 

25 places are secured through the European funding, 

10 places are reserved for International participants. 

The conditions of participation are the following: 

 European participants: · Training fee: 350 EUR · Reimbursement of 60% of travel costs, with a maximum of 180 EUR per person

International participants: · Training Fee: 490 EUR · Reimbursement of 30% of travel costs, with a maximum of 300 EUR per person 

Only participants who attend more than 80% of each training course will be reimbursed for travel, as a requirement. If a participant falls sick and cannot participate in the training course, a medical proof is needed in order to reimburse incurred costs. 
Participants are obliged to hand in reimbursement forms, tickets, receipts and boarding passes to Global Office by post or email latest one month after the training course. After one month the budget for the activity is closed, which means no reimbursement is possible anymore. Participants are responsible to organise their own health insurance for the activity.

What is the application procedure?

Should you wish to apply to be a participant, please complete as fully as possible the application form by 30 June 2019

The selection of participants will be done by the Global Office within one week after the application deadline, based on the criteria specified in this call and in consultation with member organizations. Your organisation will receive a copy of your application and will choose a representative to attend the training course, should there be more than 1 application per country. In case there are vacant spots, more than 1 person per country will be able to attend.